NetBase Quid® Intelligence Connector

What is the Intelligence Connector?

The NetBase Quid® Intelligence Connector automatically collects, cleanses, and transforms data from millions of consumer and market sources into a single, easily accessible location.

With the Intelligence Connector, enriched social and market intelligence data from NetBase Quid can be made available in your preferred storage environment such as database, cloud data storage, FTP and more. This data can be combined with your own internal data (e.g., sales data, survey data, etc.) to power specialized business use cases and to perform more advanced analysis. This breakthrough technology provides the following benefits:

  • Transform large amounts of unstructured data into custom metrics
  • Integrate into any custom data science models
  • Empower impactful, data driven decisions quickly and efficiently

Common Use Cases

The NetBase Quid® next-generation AI and NLP decodes, transforms, and contextualizes data for you. This data can be combined with your own enterprise data to power specialized business use cases such as the following, for example:

Trend Prediction

Continuously track and prioritize known trends and classify them as steady, emerging, noise, or fads.

Predict Unknowns

Continuously sift through 1000’s of potential weak signals from conversations within any given category(ies) to automatically predict unknown trends.

Audience Trends

Continuously surface insights and trends across various customer cohorts.

Risk Ranking

Continuously rank and prioritize supply chain, product, or other risk categories to identify potential disruptions and enable faster and more effective response and prevention.

Company Ranking

Continuously rank a set of companies in a vertical or industry based on a variety of news and social key performance indicators.

Brand Index

Continuously monitor brand health and consumer sentiment by integrating NetBase news and social metrics into your business intelligence architecture.

Influencer Ranking

Continuously rank top key opinion leaders (KOLs) or influencers in a vertical or industry based on a variety of news and social key performance indicators.

Technology Scouting

Continuously aggregate data from various sources (such as news, social media, corporate information, patents, and proprietary data) to evaluate and prioritize promising companies or technologies, potential partnerships, or acquisitions.

Sample Insight Dashboards:

Trend Prediction

Gain a first mover advantage by identifying emerging trends before your competitors. Using 3 trend scores (Steady Score, Emerging Score, and Overall Score), our algorithm determines if the emerging theme is a Trend, Steady Trend, Fad, or Noise.

In this example, we’re analyzing emerging trends within multiple beverage categories by overlaying themes like ingredients or health benefits that identify what consumers value in each drink category. With thousands of combinations of variables, advanced statistical analysis moves those trends ranked highest to the top in real time making it easy for marketers and product innovators to focus on what matters most. In client ready versions, each interest area provides links back to the underlying posts. 

Click the hamburger icon top-left to change the view to one time period (e.g., just the last 30 days) and/or change the sort by from e.g., ‘Alphabetical’ to ‘Latest Trend Score Date.’

Risk Ranking

Stay ahead of potentially negative consumer and regulatory trends that impact your brand.
Monitor consumer sentiment and perception across industry trends and brands for risk mitigation purposes (as well as trend identification).

In this example, we’re analyzing potential sustainability risks associated with airlines and comparing airlines to each other. We’ve overweighted negative metrics like negative sentiment and mentions (you can adjust these weightings by clicking on the three horizontal lines), which moves risks where airlines have the most negative coverage to the top. For airline 5, Decent work and economic conditions, had the second highest score. That would be an excellent risk area to investigate further.  In client ready versions, each interest area provides links back to the underlying posts.